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We understand the key to a successful business relationship is placing a qualified tenant in the property. We do this by going above and beyond what other companies generally do when screening a tenant. The screening process starts in our marketing step of the leasing process by do the following:

Qualifying Questions to Set up a Showing

In order to set up a showing time a potential tenant must answer a set of questions that has automatic disqualifiers that will not allow showing set up. Questions include such topics as income level, ability to provide documentation, and how quick someone is ready to sign a lease. We don’t want to focus on tire kickers when there is someone out there willing to sign and move in next week.

We advertise our screening criteria

Less than stellar potential tenants will see what they need to do in order to get approved and will realize they cannot BS their way thru the process and ultimately go away.

Viewing Observations

Our leasing agents are trained to observe potential tenants at viewings to look for red flags. If a potential tenant shows up late for a viewing or multiple viewings we note this as a red flag. If a potential tenant complains about the property, their previous landlord, or life in general at the viewing than this is a red flag. If the potential applicant is less than cordial to our staff at the viewing then this is a red flag.



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Red Flags

The above couple of examples is a small sample of the total number of red flags we are looking for. For each red flag we will require a tenant to answer the questions in writing to clarify what we deem as to be a risk issue. This will either explain the situation or force the tenant to go deeper in their lies which is pretty easy to see thru based on all the info we have access to.

Risk Reduction

When underwriting an applicant the goal is to approve an applicant where we can structure the terms to expose the property owner to the lowest amount of risk. Often this comes in the form of collecting additional prepaid rent, last month's rent, pet fees, or requesting co-signers. At the bare minimum, for the best applicants with no pets, we will collect first month's rent and security deposit or non refundable move in fees.

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