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From Student/Tenant to 1,200 Units in Hyde Park

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What’s your unit goal? Is it 20...maybe 50? Nick explains how his company amassed 1200 units solely in Hyde Park, (not including their north side portfolio). Here you’ll find advice on the different corridors of H... read more >>

Hard Money In Chicago

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You cannot grow without adequate funding. When it comes to private funds, there are so many questions asked as a new investor. Brian Lignelli explains how his company, Continuum Capital Funding can put it’s partners in a pos... read more >>

What is Happening to Chicago Property Taxes?

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Several of the Chicago townships have already been reassessed, leaving many owners with an unpleasant increase in property taxes. Tim Jacobs of KSN Law (,shares what he’s seen in the Chicago townships that have be... read more >>

Three Critical Tenant Screening Tips

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When a landlord screens potential tenants themselves, paying attention to certain red flags can save them future headaches. By thoroughly vetting applicants, property owners can get a better sense of who might occupy their rental ... read more >>

The Chicago House Hack

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David Geen said househacking is the Stephen Curry cheat code of real estate. Many folks agree and have leveraged this strategy to kick off their successful REI careers. However, there are real risks that arise the moment you becom... read more >>

Self Storage - No Toilets or Tenants

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Fernando Angelucci has spent the last decade becoming one of the largest wholesalers in the Chicagoland area. Fernando successfully scaled his wholesaling business to a goliath and used the same skill sets and systems to establish... read more >>
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