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What Are The Security Deposit Changes in RTLO

Property Management Blog
In January 2021, the Cook County Commissioners passed the new Residential Tenant Landlord Ordinance, also known as the new RTLO.  The RTLO will go into effect on June 1, 2021 and will bring many changes to owners in the 125 c... read more >>

Who is Excluded From The Cook County RTLO

Property Management Blog
On January 28, 2021, the Cook County Commissioners passed the Residential Tenant Landlord Ordinance (RTLO) that covers all of Cook County. The ordinance does exclude Chicago which is governed under the Chicago Residential Landlord... read more >>

What Is The Cook County RTLO That Passed January 2021

Property Management Blog
Cook County Real Estate investors/landlords that own real estate outside of the Chicago city limits in the collar suburbs, are in for a new reality.  If you are currently a Landlord in Barrington, Schaumburg, Berwyn, Tinley P... read more >>

What Do I Need To Know About Chicago CRLTO

Property Management Blog
In the 1980s the City Of Chicago passed the Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance to clean up the slumlords in the city of Chicago.  From this ordinance, it created many things that Landlords even today 40 years later are... read more >>

Chicago's Fair Housing Ordinance Explained

Property Management Blog
During the summer of 2020, amongst all the chaos that we have already experienced, the City Of Chicago approved the new Fair Housing Ordinance. This ordinance increases the amount of notice a landlord must give in order to not ren... read more >>

Who is IAR and How Do They Advocate on Your Behalf

Property Management Blog
Illinois REALTORS® is the only advocate for private property rights, at the state capitol in Springfield, and in communities statewide. They stand for excellence in advocacy, education and ethics for real estate practitioners,... read more >>
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