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New Podcast Exclusively For Chicago Real Estate Investors

Before the days of YouTube, BiggerPockets, and even E-books, I had to gain all of my real estate knowledge through my own trials and tribulations. In the end, it cost me a lot of money for my “street education”. As an avid reader, I love gathering information from various sources including books, podcasts, and forums. All of the information I have acquired has been fantastic, but it has lacked a local focus, and when I ...

The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Podcast: Customer Reviews and Using Your Network with Mark Ainley

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We have worked with Josh Elledge and his company, Up My Influence, for many years. The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Podcast is an informational source for business-minded people (some with very little experience and others with years of experience), so when I got the invite to appear with Josh, I was extremely excited.In this episode, we discuss who GC Realty & Development, LLC is and where we started from in the early 2000s. The show al...

How Mark Ainley Built His Business to 450 Rehabs & 900 Managed Properties

Check out our newest podcast where I was a guest on Real Estate Money School hosted by Chris Naugle investor and host of HGTV's Risky Builders.Property management is becoming its own sector, and with technology and different efficiencies, it’s becoming scalable. – Mark AinleyView full podcast