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Mark A


Responsive is defined as “Reacting quickly and positively.” This is what GC Realty and Development was built on and continues to be the bedrock of this organization. Answering resident calls, responding to owner emails timely, and communicating quickly with fellow team members is what is going to set this team apart from all of our competitors. It is our company’s mission to be the most responsive property management company.

own it

Owning it involves the process of seeing it, taking it, solving it, and doing it. We do not push blame on to others. When we say it will get done, we get it done in a timely manner and with the utmost diligence. Our work is as close to perfect as our abilities and capacity will allow, and we make every effort to mind all details within every aspect of our work.

whatever it takes

Our business is a business of problems. Problems do not have business hours. We encounter and solve problems every day and they will get in the way of our daily activities. We need to deal with them and take care of our daily activities. This attitude allows us to handle the problems that pop up and our daily activities, whatever it takes.

better results

We strive to always think about how we can get better results. We constantly ask ourselves: How can we improve the system? How can we make this simpler? How can we do this faster? How can we improve the customer experience? What can we outsource to free up time to address other issues?