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GCR&D Maintenance Vendor FAQs

    Receiving Work Orders

  • When will I start getting work orders?

    As soon as you have your W9, COI, and vendor packet submitted we can start sending you work based on your trade and location.
  • How will you send new work orders to me?

    A GCR&D team member will assign you a work order that you will receive an email to your email on file(be sure to update your email if it changes or there is an email you check more often) and then the team will follow up with a call to your number on file.
  • Who will I work with from the GCR&D team or who will I receive work orders from?

    You may work with one of our 4 team members from our vendor coordination squad. Each work order is assigned to one person so at depending on the work order you may work with a few different GCR&D team members.  To meet the team visit the Maintenance section on the “About Us” page on our website
  • How long do I have to complete a work order?

    Depending on the urgency of the work order the time frame may vary but we expect Emergency work orders to be done within 4 hours, High Priority work orders to be completed within 24 hours, and all other work orders within 5 days.
  • What pictures do I need to provide from the work completed?

    Before, during, and after pictures are required in order to meet GCR&Ds requirements. We need to have pictures up close and from far away so we can see the range of things around what you are fixing.
  • Invoices & Payment Time Frames

  • Where do I send my invoice once the work is completed?

    Send invoices to invoices@gcrealtyinc.com
  • How quickly can I expect to be paid once

    You will be paid electronically by 7-10 days from the point all invoices & pictures are submitted properly to GCR&D.
  • Insurance Requirements

  • I am a small operation and do not carry any insurance, why do I have to provide this information?

    While working on behalf of GC realty and Development LLC it is possible that your work for us may result in Bodily injury or Property Damage. As such insurance provides the means to transfer risk away from our mutual organizations to avoid fiscal damage.
  • I am a small operation with just a few employees, why do I have to provide workers compensation coverage?

    Short answer, it is the law. Workers' compensation is a no-fault system of benefits paid by employers to workers who experience work-related injuries or diseases. The Illinois Workers Compensation Commission, and other state agencies monitor the various Workers’ Compensation Acts.
  • I do not have any employees, why do I have to provide workers compensation coverage?

    GC Realty and Development LLC is audited annually by our insurance carrier for any subcontractors that we hire. If a subcontract is unable to provide the required certificate showing general and employers liability (WC) we will be charged for your services on our insurance. As such, we require your organization to carry these coverages.
  • Are any of these insurance requirements negotiable?

    Please reach out to Benjamin Hiett via email, ben.hiett@gcrealtyinc.com with any concerns you have regarding our insurance requirements.
  • I do not have any coverage and do not have an agent; can you provide any guidance?

    You can reach out to Pat Quirk with TROXELL Insurance at a pquirk@troxellins.com to obtain an insurance quote for your business. GC Realty and Development LLC does not warrant the work of Pat or TROXELL, but merely provides them as a referral avenue.
  • Other Must Knows

  • Does it cost anything to be a vendor for GCR&D?

    There is no cost to be added to our vendor list just so long as you meet our vendor requirements stated above and ongoing quality results.
  • What if I know other tradesmen like myself? Can I refer them to you for work?

    Yes you can have them call Mark at 630-781-6744 or have them submit their info to https://www.gcrealtyinc.com/become-a-vendor
  • Vendor Portal

  • How do I get my login information

    You will receive an email with login information with each work order you receive.
  • What happens if I forget my login & password

    Email contactus@gcrealtyinc.com and request password reset.