Resident Frequently Asked Questions

Approval & Move In Process (Before Your Move In Date)

Once I Moved In (After Your Move In Date)

  • How do I get additional sets of keys to my new home?

    GC Realty and Development only provides 1 set of keys. You are welcome to make copies of the key for other residents in the unit if applicable.
  • What day is garbage day?

    We do not have the ability to track every neighborhood garbage day so we suggest you reach out to the local municipality website. If you are signed up for private service as part of your lease your billing will include a contact to obtain this information.


  • How do I submit a work order once I move in?

    A: Visit “Maintenance Request” under “Residents” tab on our website to enter your work order online. You can also watch this quick 2 minute video walking you through the process of entering a work order online.  In emergencies you can also call 224-208-1400, 24 hours a day and speak to a live person.
  • What can I do if my maintenance portal login is not working?

    A: If your login is NOT working please email and request to have your password reset. In the meantime please call 224-208-1400 (24 hr. Maintenance line) to submit any Maintenance Requests.
  • How quickly can I expect maintenance requests to be completed?

    A: Emergency and High priority maintenance requests will get solved first with all other maintenance requests being completed in a 7-10 day window. Issues with supply chain when it comes to parts, appliance delivery, etc can cause some solutions to take longer. There may also be seasonal maintenance requests that based on the time of year will not make sense to complete later in the season.
  • Can I ever be charged for maintenance requests?

    A: Yes, for items stated on your lease as the resident’s responsibility, along with any damage done to the property that was caused by you as the resident. You will also be charged back for not allowing access to our technician to complete work that was scheduled with you in advance.
  • Is GCR&D responsible for the light bulbs or am I as a resident?

    A: Changing light bulbs is the resident’s responsibility as stated on your lease unless you have ceilings that are higher than 9 feet tall.
  • What pest control is GCR&D responsible for, and what pest control am I as the resident responsible for?

    A: Residents of single family homes are responsible for pest control. GCR&D can only perform sealing of holes and closing up gaps as a preventative measure. GCR&D is responsible for pest control in multi-family buildings.
  • Is GCR&D responsible for the furnace filters or am I as a resident?

    A: If the HVAC unit is accessible by the resident, then yes you are responsible for upkeep and replacement of furnace filters on a regular basis. Failure to do so, can cause the unit to malfunction and incur additional expenses to you as the resident.
  • I received a maintenance charge back on my ledger. Why is that?

    A: Items beyond normal wear and tear that need repair are your responsibility as a resident to replace or repair as needed. If we do the work, this is billed to you.
  • In which cases will maintenance enter my home without my express permission?

    A: In the case of an emergency we will enter your home.
  • What is the rule if there are minors in my house?

    A: GC technicians may not enter if there are minors in the house without a person over the age of 18 to allow access.

Paying Rent Or Checking My Balance

  • How Do I Pay Rent?

    Please visit our Paying Rent Frequently Asked Questions on our website.
  • What happens if I do not pay my rent on time?

    A: Late fees will be added to your account after the 5th of the month if the rent is not paid in full / if there is a remaining balance.
  • What does NSF mean? Why do I have one NSF in my ledger?

    A: NSF means Non-Sufficient Funds. If a payment is denied by your banking institution because the funds are not available, a $50 NSF fee will be added to your account.
  • I set up automatic payments but I made another manual payment through the online portal. I need you to cancel my autopay.

    A: GC Realty does not have the ability to cancel or update payments. This must be handled via your AppFolio payment portal.

Lease Renewals

  • How do I renew my lease?

    Our renewal specialist will be in contact with you 120 days before your lease expiration date to confirm renewal. Once it is confirmed, we will send a lease for you to sign electronically.
  • How much time do I have to respond if I am going to renew my Lease? What happens if I don't?

    A: We require notice of at least one month before your lease expiration date if you are not renewing.
  • Is my lease going to be renewed if the property is up for sale?

    A: There are a few things that can happen in this scenario. Firstly, your lease is a contract and you have the right to stay in the property until your lease expires. Some scenarios include the property owner selling to another owner that plans on keeping the property as a rental in which case your lease might be renewed as normal, or the property owner may be selling to an owner that is not planning to lease the property in which case your lease may not be renewed upon expiration or the owner may provide you with a cash-for-keys option if, for example, they want to sell the property vacant.
  • Why does my Lease renewal have a cost?

    A: GC Realty and Development charges a $95 flat fee for renewals. This is to cover administrative costs.
  • Why is there a rent increase to renew?

    A: A market analysis of comparable properties in the area is conducted before the renewal process begins. If a rent increase is justified based on the market analysis, you will be informed of the rent increase at the time our renewal specialist contacts you 2 to 4 months before the lease expiration date. Reasons for rent increases include inflation, rising costs of materials and maintenance, and rising costs of taxes and insurance.
  • Does the owner need to have a reason to not renew my lease?

    A: Owners ARE allowed to not renew a resident’s lease without providing a reason. A lease is a contract between the landlord and resident for a specific amount of time, and neither party is obligated to renew this contract when that timeframe expires.


  • The pet my application was approved on passed away and now I want to get a new pet. What do I have to do?

    Send an email to with the specifics and the GCR&D team will provide next steps and any costs associated with adding the new pet
  • The Condo Association fined me for pet waste on the property. Am I responsible for this fine?

    A: Yes, when you signed your lease, you agreed to follow the HOA rules and regulations which includes such items as pet cleanup. Any fines assessed to the unit you are leasing will be passed onto you as the pet owner.
  • My rental application was approved with no pets but we would like to add a pet. What do I have to do next?

    A: Send an email to with the specifics and the GCR&D team will provide next steps and any costs associated with adding the new pet
  • My application was approved with pets but we want to add another pet to the family. What do I have to do next to get this new pet approved.?

    A: Send an email to with the specifics and the GCR&D team will provide next steps and any costs associated with adding the new pet

Move Out

  • I do not plan to renew my lease. How do I give proper notice I will be moving out at the end of my lease term?

    Send an email to with the specifics of your notice to not renew.
  • I am not able to move at the end of my lease term but I want to stay month to month. Can that happen?

    A: GCR&D discourages month to month tenancy for multiple reasons but contact to discuss next steps.

Roommate Scenarios

  • My roommate wants to move out but I want to stay. What should I do?

    The roommate will stay on the lease as being financially responsible for the term of the lease. Please email so our team can assist you in next steps and requirements.
  • If my roommate moves out do I have to qualify for the entire rent amount?

    A: Yes, you must qualify for the entire amount. If you do not qualify, you need to find a new roommate that must submit an application to qualify, or have a co-signer submit an application to qualify.
  • My roommate is moving out but I have a new roommate that wants to move in. How can we add them to the lease?

    A: Please email so our team can assist you in next steps and requirements.


  • Why do I need to have an inspection of the home?

    Many Chicago suburbs have rental license or occupancy inspections that occur annually and GCR&D must follow these local ordinances to remain compliant.
  • Do I have an option to change the inspection date?

    A: Inspections are scheduled by the village, subsidy, or third party so it is not often we have the ability to reschedule.


  • Who do I contact if I have questions not answered here?

    Call our customer service line at 630-587-7400 during business hours or email For any escalated matters, you will be transferred to the Assistant Property Manager. You may use the text option, however it is not monitored after business hours.