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The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Podcast: Customer Reviews and Using Your Network with Mark Ainley

The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Podcast: Customer Reviews and Using Your Network with Mark Ainley

We have worked with Josh Elledge and his company, Up My Influence, for many years. The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Podcast is an informational source for business-minded people (some with very little experience and others with years of experience), so when I got the invite to appear with Josh, I was extremely excited.

In this episode, we discuss who GC Realty & Development, LLC is and where we started from in the early 2000s. The show also explores the various ways we add value to our clients, and other less experienced business-minded people, by advising them on ways to avoid mistakes that we, as a company, made over the last decade and a half.

Josh helped us leverage our marketing opportunities when we worked with him while filming a reality show in 2015 called The Deed,” which was featured on CNBC. This podcast delves into the experience and why GC was chosen to appear on the show. Looking back at our television show experience three years later, we realize we were very fortunate for the opportunity, however, we attribute our efforts to the seeds we planted in the earlier years which helped create the opportunity for us to make it happen. We are thankful that CNBC and their producers edited the show in a favorable way, as we all know reality TV can damage people and their reputation by spinning the truth in exchange for drama.

Check out this quick 24 minute podcast, or 12 minutes on double speed, and get the other valuable nuggets presented in this show.

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