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Investing in Dupage County

Hi, my name is Mark Ainley from GC Realty and Development. We are a property management company located Roselle, Illinois.  Now, Roselle is in Dupage County, which if you're familiar with the Chicagoland area, it's ma... read more >>

Where to find a good deal?

Hi, my name is Mark Ainley from GC Realty and Development. Now I am an investor in residential and commercial properties and I'm also a founding partner of GC Realty and Development, which is a property manager. I talked ... read more >>

Village Inspections - What You Need To Know

Property Management Blog
In and around Chicago, we see the city/local village playing a larger role in the investor’s life cycle when it comes to owning real estate.  Below are just a few items you should be aware of as a landlord:Point Of Sale... read more >>

Great Information For All Investors

Property Management Blog
For the past five years, I have been doing all I can to share valuable information to both seasoned and newbie investors to protect them from common mistakes. I also take pride in educating local and out-of- state- investors about... read more >>
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