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Chicago Section 8 FAQs: A Guide For Property Owners

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The cost of housing in Chicago is higher than in some other cities in America, which makes it difficult for low-income individuals, and families alike, to afford rent. Whether you are a property owner in Chicago or someone looking... read more >>

7 Hurdles To Tenant Evictions In Chicago

As a Landlord, I can find myself losing sleep at night when one of my tenants has gone “bad”. By going “bad”, I mean that they have stopped paying their rent, stopped communicating with me, and are no longe... read more >>

Chicago/Illinois Eviction Moratorium Update

I wanted to update everyone on where things are at with Rental Eviction Moratorium here in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs here in Illinois.  As of the date posted this is the most up to date information available.  ... read more >>

Top 5 Mistakes When Using The BRRRR Strategy

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What is the BRRRR strategy when investing in real estate?  This is actually an acronym that breaks down the steps of a specific real estate investing strategy.   This investment model is a popular way for people to inves... read more >>

BRRRRing Through Chicago

Property Management Blog
What does it mean to be a BRRRR investor? First, lets answer the question: ”what is BRRRR?”  This is actually an acronym that breaks down the steps of a specific real estate investment strategy. The aforementioned... read more >>

Why Investing in Chicago Real Estate Makes Sense

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I recently had the opportunity to speak with Emil Shour and Michael Albaum, both from Roofstock. We took the time to dive deep into investing here in the Chicago real estate market. This specific episode is perfect for investors w... read more >>

New Chicago Landlord Laws: Fair Notice Ordinance

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The current year has been unpredictable and challenging. There are many new laws and ordinances that have been passed these past few months that Landlords must be aware of. The new Chicago ordinance under the CRLTO has added anoth... read more >>

My Cash For Keys Mistake That Cost Me $2500.00

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As a business owner, real estate investor, or even both, there will be a multitude of mistakes that you will make over the years. Some mistakes will be larger than others, and some mistakes will be so bad that you may never share ... read more >>

We Made The Inc. 5000 List...Again!

Property Management Blog
This year, for the second year in a row, GC Realty and Development, LLC is honored to have been included in the Inc. 5,000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America, ranking  in the 2,861 spot. Considering there are nearly... read more >>
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