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Buying the Wrong House with Mark Ainley

Buying the Wrong House with Mark Ainley |Chicago Property Management | Chicago Real Estate Investing Mark Ainley has rehabbed and stabilized over 450 properties and currently manages more than 900 investment properties throughout ... read more >>

Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) for Section 8 Tenants

Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) for Section 8 Tenants
Working in Chicago with Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) for section 8 tenants can be a very lucrative strategy for your investment portfolio. If you’re specifically a first time landlord to a section 8 program in Chicago, yo... read more >>

What Our Companies Logo Stands For

What Our Companies Logo Stands For
When talking with customers and investors, I often get asked what “GC” stands for and what the meaning behind our logo is. I will get into what “GC” represents in another article, but I wanted to share with... read more >>

Should I Hire a Professional Property Manager?

You're asking yourself, should you hire a property manager? You're trying to decide if you should manage your own property or hire a professional property manager to do it for you. Some people are not that good at managing... read more >>

Are We A Good Fit for You?

Are We A Good Fit for You?
We're not the right Property Management company for everyone.We receive many inquiries into our business each day from people interested in our Chicagoland Property Management services. As it turns out,  we aren'... read more >>

How To Rent Your Property Quickly

Renting your home quickly is the best way to increase the return on your investment. Today we have some ideas to help you rent your home to the highest quality tenant in the shortest period of time.First, take a look at the condit... read more >>

Top 4 Questions For Your Property Manager

We believe there are the four questions you should ask a property management company before hiring them.  Number 1: What is their tenant screening process? How do they screen them? Take me through what their process looks lik... read more >>
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