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Hack Your Wealth Podcast - Property Management Tips

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Last year, I had the opportunity to sit down with Andrew Chen, owner of Hackyourwealth.comAndrew is well known for his wealth building hacks and has been involved in some pretty interesting careers, some in which he had no prior t... read more >>

How To Build A Chicagoland Empire

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Andrew Holmes is one of the most well-known names in Chicago Real Estate Investing. Andrew explains his incredible journey, from his early days as a hustling agent, to how he structured his first few investment deals. Andrew dives... read more >>

Hidden Values In Quality Property Management

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I have flirted with the idea of this article for quite some time now because I do truly believe in the use of Property Management from the investor standpoint. However, my hesitation in publishing this topic has been countered by ... read more >>

Is Real Estate a Good Investment

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For a potential investor, there are many property investment options available. These options vary in the rate of return and the degree of risk involved. Real Estate has long been a favorite for investors wishing to grow their wea... read more >>
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