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How Systems Are Necessary To Grow Any Business Especially Property Management

How Systems Are Necessary To Grow Any Business Especially Property Management

I recently had the opportunity to conduct a Facebook Live video with Josh Fonger of Work The System.  For those of you not familiar with Work the System, they are a consulting company  built around Sam Carpenter’s 2008 book, Work The System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less.  

The book centers around the idea that life is composed of systems that are ours to control or…….not control, that the simplest solution is invariably the most correct solution, and that documenting systems is the key to success in both your business and personal life.  

Many business owners, regardless of the size of their business, struggle with documenting their company’s processes. These processes are important as they are fundamental for internal training and execution. This book can assist any business owner in overcoming that hurdle.

I was first introduced to the Work The System book back in 2013. It was referred to me by a businessman whom I considered to be much smarter than I am. He is now, coincidentally, one of my business partners here at GCR&D.

The book has truly changed the way that we run our operation. Upon successfully completing the book, for the 3rd time, I worked with Josh and his program to bring GCR&D up to speed in regard to our documentation of company processes. 

In this talk, we discuss some of our challenges early on at GCR&D and how we overcame them along with some great nuggets of wisdom I can provide entrepreneurs who are just starting off.  

Hope you enjoy it!

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