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4 Rules Landlords Must Follow to Get Through the Pandemic

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It’s doubtful anyone in the world will make it to the end of the summer unaffected in some way by the COVID-19 pandemic. If not you personally, you probably will know at least one person who has been affected financially or been diagnosed with the virus or maybe even someone who was unfortunately defeated by COVID-19.

I wrote the following blog post that was posted to Bigger Pockets Blog on April 18, 2020. There is some valuable content in the post so please check it to hear our views on what rules Landlords should be following right now to minimize collateral damage caused by the Covid Pandemic.  There will be some good nuggets for you to apply to your own properties, tenants, and circumstances.

Bigger Pockets Blog Link 

As investors and property managers, we hope all of this passes as quickly as possible, and we genuinely believe we all have the ability to work together for the best possible outcomes. Please remember to be kind to one another, be responsible, and most importantly stay healthy and safe.

Feel free to reach out to me anytime to discuss your specific property or tenant situation.  You can also check out our property management services page to show how we can help you with Property Management in Chicago and surrounding Chicago suburbs.

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