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For the past five years, I have been doing all I can to share valuable information to both seasoned and newbie investors to protect them from common mistakes. I also take pride in educating local and out-of- state- investors about how things work here in Chicago and in the Chicago suburbs. I share the differences  between county laws, local ordinances, and the ins and outs of being a profitable landlord.   All of this information stems from my experience as an investor, specializing in the BRRRR strategy, and as an owner of a Property Management Firm that has the opportunity to view real estate investing from many different angles.  

A lot of the stories I share come from valuable lessons I learned as I talk about mistakes we made or discuss ways we would do things differently given another opportunity. I believe there is nothing better than learning from other people's experience and mistakes to limit your risk exposure on your own deals.  

There are numerous podcasts I have recorded and blogs I have written on this website that support what I have just mentioned. These provide a general insight of what we have accomplished and the road we took to get there.  I have also shared below, the link to my Bigger Pockets Blog page where I have over 25 great articles that any investor would appreciate and benefit from reading.   

Whether you are a seasoned investor, or beginner looking to purchase your first property, reach out to me  anytime by sending an email or scheduling a time to talk using the button below.  

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