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Why Work with GC Realty & Development, LLC in Bartlett, IL?

GC Realty & Development is a property management firm in the Chicago suburbs. We’re talking about our company today, and sharing some of the reasons that you might want to work with us when you’re looking for property management in Chicagoland.

Attention to Customer Service

GC Realty & Development has been around since 2003. We manage hundreds of residential units and millions of square feet of commercial space. We continue to grow because we do an outstanding job working with our clients. We are also investors ourselves, which we feel makes us better property managers. It’s easy to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes. We know how to deliver the news you might not want to hear, and we know how to help you solve problems. We have been through everything you’re going through, and we know what works.

Record of Client Retention

Clients rarely ever leave us and if they do, it’s often because they’re selling their property or moving back into their home. We are more likely to fire a client than to be fired ourselves, and that’s something that we’re proud of.

Dedicated Team of People Who Love Property Management

Our team loves coming to work. Our leasing staff, maintenance personnel, and property managers love working on your property. We enjoy the day-in and day-out workings of property management, and the things that investors and homeowners don’t like to be bothered with are the things we love to execute.

We Value Relationships

When you come into our offices, you’re treated differently than you might be with other property management companies. We want to build a lasting relationship; one that extends throughout the time that you own your property. We want to work with you on any future properties you might acquire, and we want to get referrals from you because you’re happy with our service. We want you to confidently post online about your good experiences with us. 

We hope you will keep these things in mind when you’re looking for a company to manage your rental property in Chicagoland. We are willing to earn your business. Please contact us at GC Realty & Development to hear more about how we can work for you.

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