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What are the best places to invest in and around DuPage County?

What are the best places to invest in and around DuPage County?

Investing in DuPage County

An earlier video we talked about investing in DuPage County and how it's tough to really go wrong, having investment there. And I want to dive in a little deeper into certain things I like about DuPage County or certain areas, more specifically. You have a lot of very expensive towns that almost make investing not realistic. The numbers don't work, but there's a lot of towns that surround those cities that have lower price points, but might feed into the same school systems of the high-end towns. So you're getting the schools of the better town and you're paying the price of the lower price of the town next door. So, certain areas like that that I like is in Batavia.  

Where to invest in DuPage County

There is sections of the Batavia School District has sections of an Aurora that go there. So similar with that another side of Aurora there's Aurora properties that go to Naperville school. So you're paying an Aurora pricing for the property, but you're getting the benefit of schools. Now if anyone tell you schools don't matter, I think that that's silly because schools being in the right school system is huge for attracting quality tenants along with your resale value down the road. So other areas that are valuable like that in Glendale Heights, you know, I like Glendale Heights as a whole. Glendale Heights is surrounded by a bunch of communities that are far more expensive than Glendale Heights. But when you buy in certain areas of Glendale Heights, you'll feed into the Glen Ellyn school system, which is a big plus.  

Investing in Hanover Park

So other areas are Hanover Park. Hanover Park has areas that are U46 District, which are not too sought after.  But areas Hanover Park have areas that go to the Glenbard, the Glendale Heights and Carol Stream school district, which is sought after. And then they have parts of Hanover Park that go to Roselle Lake Park school district and then it's not necessary, DuPage County. But there is a section of Hanover Park that goes to Schaumburg school district, which is probably the best little nugget there as far as where to look for properties, if you're looking, in that area. So those are a few areas there's a handful more if you want to talk more about investing in these little pockets that are lower price points. But can have greater benefits based on where they're located or what school district would love to talk to more. My name is Mark Ainley from GC Realty and Development. Reach out any time, thank you.  

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