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Is your Property Manager doing all they can to help you fill your vacancy?

Is your Property Manager doing all they can to help you fill your vacancy?

Hi my name Mark Ainley from GC Realty and Development. I am an investor, but also founding partner of this property management company.

I want to talk to you about a leasing.I hate having empty houses ever.There's so much stuff that you would obviously lose in your money. You're still paying expenses, and at the same time, there's risk. You know vacant house, get broken into pipes, break in vacant houses. So, we are big on trying to get units leased fast. And one of the things I talked about today is how you or your property managers should be marketing your properties to accomplish getting them out and put this amount of time.

Tips for self managers or for a property manager

The idea of having two fronts to your marketing is great. Now, we want we put everything on the MLS, which a lot of other property managers don't do, but we put on MLS because then you have a whole network of of people looking in addition to the general Internet leads. Now that whole network of realtors are looking to plug qualified tenants in there is huge. And especially when your house when you get above the price range, fifteen or sixteen hundred. There's a lot of realtors that's all they do is work on the leasing side. So you want to make sure that you're attracting those realtors with their clients, because a lot of them are there clients that if you don't are not on that unless you might be losing out that exposure to that group of people the other way they should be marketing is the Internet, which is very general. But you know, your Zillow is your Trulia, your

Things to keep in mind

You want to make sure that you know your market. You have a captcha system where you able to schedule showings. Automations, to make sure that the ease of trying to schedule showing off a place like Zillow or is there for potential applicants. So when you have both your market and MLS, you have you have that side of things and you have the internet with a well oiled system. Your goal is to have both those working for you. That way you have casted the widest net you can be able attract the most qualified applicants in the shortest amount of time. So if you're where the property is right now that might only be doing one of them, then that might be something for you to consider that request that they put your property in MLS or maybe need to change proper managers. If you're self manager, even teaming up with somebody that can help you put on MLS and you continue self-manage.

For us, we offer leasing only service as well too. But making sure you're having a system that twenty five people call on Zillow, you're not having to spend all that time as well too. So you have a good system set up for there. For us, for our properties we rent about 50 percent each side. So our in-house people are doing the showings and collect those leads, spreads about half of them, and then the other half end up getting off the MLS. So if you want to talk about market anymore, I'm always here is when I said at the beginning of the video and my other videos, you hear me get excited when it talks about marketing on vacant properties.

Reach out any time and I look forwarded to talking with you. Mark from GC Realty and Development. 

If you have any questions about your vacant property in Chicagoland, please contact us at:

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