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For All People Who Invest, This Is A Great Set Of Information.

For All People Who Invest, This Is A Great Set Of Information.

For five years, I've been sharing valuable tips to both newbie and seasoned investors to keep them safe from common mistakes. I take pride in educating local and out-of-state investors about Chicago's laws, as well as Chicago's suburbs. I tell them how things work here, and what to expect. All of this information stems from my experience as an investor, specializing in the BRRRR strategy, and as an owner of a Property Management Firm that has the opportunity to view real estate investing from many different angles.  

A lot of the stories I share come from valuable lessons I learned as I talk about mistakes we made or discuss ways we would do things differently given another opportunity. I believe there is nothing better than learning from other people's experience and mistakes to limit your risk exposure on your own deals.  

There are numerous podcasts I have recorded and blogs I have written on this website that support what I have just mentioned. These provide a general insight of what we have accomplished and the road we took to get there.  I have also shared below, the link to my Bigger Pockets Blog page where I have over 25 great articles that any investor would appreciate and benefit from reading.   

Whether you are a seasoned investor, or beginner looking to purchase your first property, reach out to me  anytime by sending an email or scheduling a time to talk using the button below.  

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