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What Do I Need To Know About The Hanover Park Rental License

Hi, my name is Mark Ainley from GC Realty and Development. We're a local property manager out of Roselle, Illinois, just outside of Chicago. 

What to know in advance

There's some things that you want to make sure that you know in advance, to make sure that you're not delayed in getting your property rented. So Hanover Park, like most other villages around here, do have an annual rental license fee. The number is now an open spread around a hundred dollars and you have to pay that annually. And it also comes with an inspection that you have to get done. Now, how Hanover Park is different than most delimit disparities is that you have to have your property inspected and passed before you can put the tenant into the home. Now, they even frown on you putting on the market in advance of passing inspection. So while I make sure that you understand as an owner that might have an investment in Hanover Park, are looking to buy something in Hanover Park is the upfront time will could be a few more weeks. Now, the other bummer about the Hanover inspections is it takes about if you sign up today, it takes about 3, 4 weeks to get them out to inspect it. 

Now, if you fail, even for one or two small things, it could take possibly another 30 days for them to come back out to re-inspect. So that's crucial to know for your time frame, when you're trying to get somebody in there. Now, the fines for putting someone in there without having inspection pass are very steep and it ends up being a per day amount that they possibly find. I believe it's upwards of $500 per day. So you make sure that you're following these rules and getting out ahead of that timeline as much as possible. Now, the other thing that Hanover Park requires is the crime free class that you need to take. The Village Hanover Park is part of the crime free program. That's part of the larger United State movement for making sure that responsible landlords are putting responsible tenants in there. So with the crime free, as an owner, you are required to take the eight hour course in advance of getting your rental license. They should do it once and go for many years, but it's still 8 hours you have to pay. 

Hiring a Property Manager?

Now, if you're hiring a property manager, your property manager should already be certified with the city like us, we've been certified. We manage close to 30 or 40 units homes in Hanover Park. So we're certified. We know their expectations, what they're looking for, and we could help try to move that timeframe upfront to get somebody in there along a little faster. So if you add chat more about Village Hanover Park, click blow on this video, you'll have my information. My cell phone's on there. I'm always available. And look forward to hear from you. This is Mark from GC Realty.

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If you have any questions about the Hanover Park Rental Licensing, please contact us at: 

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