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Best Property Management Companies in Chicago

Chicago Style Management is happy to be considered one of the top management companies in Chicago, however property management is often hyper local and hyper focused on types of clients that we can work with and these days, you’ll find more property management companies out there than ever before. The funny truth is we all pretty much do the same thing. But few Chicago property management companies can do those same things well. And only a handful can do those same things well consistently.  So here is a list of our favorite competitors that may be able to help when we can’t

Great Property Management Companies Have Great Systems

Property management companies need stronger systems than most other businesses. Why? 

Because most business sectors either have a service or a product. Property management has both a product (the property) and a service (the day-to-day operations).

Great property management companies have great systems for driving their businesses. More importantly, they can easily repeat those systems providing a consistent level of support from client to client. 

To make matters more complex, property managers have a service model that supports both the tenant and the property owner. That means a good property management company has to offer the same level of quality for every tenant and every owner. 

Good property management companies usually specialize in supporting real estate investors. Yet without outstanding tenant services, they’ll have trouble filling those rental properties for their owner clients. 

Truly great property management companies consistently offer solid products and services to both investors and renters. That level of repeatability sets the good property managers apart from the far less consistent ones. And that all starts with world-class systems, something GC Realty & Development prides itself on.

Some of Our Fav Partners

By networking and collaborating with other property managers, we’ve come to know and trust the best companies in the area. So when we don’t fit someone’s needs, we can confidently recommend other great property management companies in the Chicago market. 

Here’s a list of a few of our favorite and most trusted partners:

  1. Grid 7 Properties – Serving communities from Geneva to Woodstock, Grid 7 Properties provides complete property management services for both residential and commercial properties in the west and northwest suburbs of Chicago.

  1. Landmark Property Management – As an industry leader, Landmark is located in the Pilsen neighborhood, but also has a strong presence in Will County. If you need property management in Joliet, Mokena, Frankfort, New Lenox, Pilsen, or Little Village, talk to the team at Landmark.  

  1. Marblestone Property Group – Marblestone has a strong focus on the south and southeast side of Chicago. Owner Jared Kott is often known as the Boss of the Southeast Side. In the article Three Things To Consider Before Investing in C Class Neighborhoods, Jared shows his expertise in dealing with investors not prepared to invest in C&D Class Southside of Chicago neighborhoods like South Chicago, Deering, South Shore, Pullman, & Roseland.

  1. Concierge Property Management LTD – Serving most of Lake and McHenry County they have built a team that works great with investors.

  1. GC Realty: serves the western suburbs both north and south as well as anyone we have met,  they have outstanding leadership and processes that make their clients properties great investments.  

Chicago has no shortage of property managers to choose from. Finding someone that can deliver consistent and high quality property management over time significantly reduces your pool of options.

If you have questions about the level of quality to expect from your property management company, give us a call. We’ll offer examples of what the best property management companies do for their clients. Because everybody wins when investors do well, even if they don’t use our services. ;) 

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