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All You Need to Know About CHA Inspections

As a landlord participating in the Chicago Housing Authority's Housing Choice Voucher program, it is important to understand the inspection process to ensure your units meet the necessary requirements. CHA conducts inspections of subsidized units to determine if they meet the Housing Quality Standards (HQS) set by HUD. If a unit fails an inspection, the landlord and tenant may face consequences, so preparing for inspections is key.

CHA inspectors will evaluate the unit's major systems and components like the roof, foundation, plumbing, heating, and electrical systems. They will check for any health and safety hazards and ensure essential facilities like hot and cold running water are functioning properly. 

Common Reasons for Inspection Failure 

Some of the most common reasons units fail CHA inspections include:

  • Paint chipping throughout the unit.
  • Lack of functioning smoke/carbon monoxide detectors - Smoke and CO detectors are required in all units, especially near bedrooms. This is considered an emergency by CHA and must be addressed within 24hrs.
  • Plumbing issues - Leaky faucets or pipes, lack of hot water, clogged drains, etc.
  • Electrical hazards - Exposed wires, lack of power to essential fixtures, loose outlets, circuit breaker issues, etc.
  • Pest infestation - Evidence of rodents or insect infestations that have not been properly addressed.
  • Lack of essential facilities - Missing or non-functioning refrigerators, stoves, sinks, toilets, etc.
  • Housekeeping issues - Excessive clutter, dirt, or garbage that poses health and safety risks.
  • Structural damage - Holes or cracks in walls and ceilings, water damage, roof issues, etc.

Consequences of Failing an Inspection 

If a unit fails an initial inspection, the landlord will be required to correct the noted deficiencies within a certain time frame to avoid penalties. Failure to make necessary repairs could result in termination of housing assistance payments, fines, or even legal action. It is in the landlord's best interest to resolve all issues to ensure the unit passes re-inspection.

If you want to avoid failed CHA inspections and the associated penalties, contact us today. Our team of experts will ensure your units meet all requirements and pass inspections with ease. Let us handle the details so you can focus on what really matters - keeping good tenants in your properties!

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