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Why Investing in Chicago Real Estate Makes Sense

Why Investing in Chicago Real Estate Makes Sense

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Emil Shour and Michael Albaum, both from Roofstock. We took the time to dive deep into investing here in the Chicago real estate market. This specific episode is perfect for investors who are looking to gather more information about opportunities here in the Chicagoland market.

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States and 114th largest city in the world.   Chicago is also the 29th largest MSA in the world, with just under 10 million people.  There are a multitude of opportunities here in the Chicago market and this episode will share and highlight some of the reasons why you should consider investing here.  

Chicago Population

  • 2,693,976 - Chicago Population in 2019

  • 8,800,000 - Chicago MSA Population (0.03 increase from 2018)

Topics Discussed

  • How crucial your Property Management is to investing in Chicago

  • Affordable Cost of Living in Chicago

  • Property Tax Challenges & How To Overcome them

  • Chicago & Cook County Section 8 Programs

  • Lou Malanatis Vs Gino’s East Deep Pizza

  • Cash For Keys

  • Covid Challenges in Chicago

If you are an out of state investor, please ensure that you are working with a reputable Property Manager that can educate you on the specific differences about investing in your specific area.

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