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Who Are The Best Property Management Companies In Chicago and Chicagoland Suburbs in 2021

Who Are The Best Property Management Companies In Chicago and Chicagoland Suburbs in 2021

Each year, GC Realty & Development LLC meets with well over 200 homeowners/investors in the Chicagoland area with respect to their investment property, or the need for professional property management services.  Because so many real estate owners know our thoughts and feelings (from this website) on all things “Property Management,” they often ask us about other local property managers (our competitors). 

As a company, we never shy away from being honest about the options investors/owners have  for property management services, and we want our potential clients to be as informed as possible.  

Here is a list of some Property Managers that have a solid property management history here in the Chicagoland area:

  1. Grid 7 Properties - Having been around since 2003, Grid 7 is located in the far northwest suburbs of Chicago.  The firm manages both residential and commercial properties..

  2. Landmark Property Management - Located in the Pilsen Neighborhood, Landmark has managed hundreds of units over the years.  

  3. Marblestone Property Group - Where Grid 7 Properties and Landmark Property Management have larger territories, Marblestone has a strong focus on the south and southeast side of Chicago.

  4. Concierge Property Management LTD - Serving most of Lake & Mchenry County they have built a team that works great with investors.

There are many, many property managers in and around the Chicagoland area for you to consider, however, these are some of the elite in the industry here in Chicago and as far west as Schaumburg and Elgin.

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