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What You Need to Know About Chicago Housing Authority & How Section 8 Really Works

What You Need to Know About Chicago Housing Authority & How Section 8 Really Works

You’re probably not surprised to hear that Section 8 tenants carry a wide variety of stereotypes, but it’s important to remember that while any group has its bad apples, stereotypes are not broadly applicable. 

Many fear what they don’t understand. That’s exactly why we put together this round table discussion with two other great CHA section 8 property managers. 

On the new episode of the Straight Up Chicago Investor Podcast, three expert Chicago Property Managers answer your FAQs around the screening process, inspections, and renting to CHA Section 8 tenants. 

Podcast key points:

  • Entire workflow from screening the applicants, to the move in, and everything that happens in between
  • Best practices for submitting paperwork to the CHA
  • Typical timeline of a section 8 tenant
  • Understand how this great investment strategy works and how to make it work in your favor…ESPECIALLY in a city like Chicago

As a property management company in Chicago, we at GC Realty & Development, LLC, have experience working with Section 8 tenants and can explain questions that you–or your prospective tenants–might have about the program and how to utilize it with your properties.

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