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Understanding the Holiday and Winter Eviction Moratorium: A Guide for Self-Managers

The holiday season and winter months can bring about financial challenges for tenants, and as a self-manager, it's crucial to be well-informed about the Holiday and Winter Eviction Moratorium that is in effect through 1/2/24. This moratorium provides temporary relief to tenants facing financial hardship, and it's essential to understand the implications for managing rental properties during this period.

What is the Holiday and Winter Eviction Moratorium?

The Holiday and Winter Eviction Moratorium is a temporary prohibition on evictions for non-payment of rent during the holiday season and winter months. This policy aims to provide relief to tenants who may be struggling financially, especially during a time when expenses tend to increase.

What Self-Managers Need to Know:

  1. Rent Obligations: While the moratorium prohibits evictions for non-payment of rent, it's important to note that tenants are still obligated to pay rent. As a self-manager, it's crucial to maintain open communication with tenants and encourage them to fulfill their rent obligations to the best of their ability.

  2. Legal Compliance: Self-managers must ensure compliance with the Holiday and Winter Eviction Moratorium, refraining from initiating eviction proceedings for non-payment of rent during the specified period.

  3. Communication: Keeping tenants informed about the moratorium, their rights, and their responsibilities is key. Clear and transparent communication can help alleviate concerns and foster positive tenant relations.


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