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These Screening Steps Will Get you ZERO Evictions in 2024

These Screening Steps Will Get you ZERO Evictions in 2024

We had a banner 2023 at GC Realty & Development for our 1500 units under management.  We underwrote 2194 applications and leased 324 units with ZERO eviction filings on any of the 680 tenants approved.  This is the info you need to know to ensure you do it right or feel confident if you are considering working with GC Realty & Development to lease or manage your property for you.  

The Importance of Tenant Screening in Chicagoland

Tenant screening is the first line of defense in safeguarding your property investment, especially in the Chicago and Cook County suburbs where your risk is at an all time high with recent new tenant/landlord rules. We recognize that a thorough screening process is crucial for selecting responsible tenants who are not only financially stable but will keep within compliance of all the Chicago market laws you must be following.

Your Screening Process Must Include

  • Comprehensive Application Form - Collect red flags to go deeper on 
  • ID Verification - this is where you reduce your risk of fraud
  • Credit Checks - Watch out for payment patterns
  • Criminal Background Checks - Are you following the Cook County laws
  • Rental History Verification - This is so important to not mess up  
  • Income Verification - We found a way to tie their bank account to this step

Check out our step by step process in our resource below.  If you are a Chicagoland landlord leasing yourself or looking to hire a Property Manager like GC Realty & Development then you must check this out:

There is a lot of risk in renting out your condo, townhome, single family, flat, or apartment and even more red tape if you are in Chicago or Suburban Cook County so control your risk and download this step by step now.


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