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Straight Up Top Realtor Series - Michael Thornton

Straight Up Top Realtor Series - Michael Thornton

I had the privilege to sit down with Michael Thornton this week and talk to him about some great current topics. Michael and I connected a few weeks ago at Real Producers Top Agent event in Naperville where Michael is showcased as a top 100 broker in Dupage County and GC Realty & Development works with the group as a preferred Property Management Team for investors in Dupage County.  

Topics we went over in this quality time we spent include:

  • Customer service requirements of a top 100 team

  • Real Producers Network and efforts of Andy Burton

  • Why networking with other brokers gives your clients an advantage

  • What affordability looks like in 10 years

  • What seems to not work now for rentals will be the norm 2 years from now

  • Growing a portfolio of properties as a Realtor

You can reach Michael at or check out his website. If you are a top broker in Chicago and want to sit down and talk email me at

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