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Straight Up Top Realtor Series - Jessica Devries

Straight Up Top Realtor Series - Jessica Devries

I had the privilege to sit down with Jessica Devries last week and talk about some great real estate investing & business topics. Jessica and I connected in 2023 at a Real Producers Top Agent event where GC Realty & Development works with RP as the preferred Property Management Team for investors in Dupage County.  Jessica and I wanted to meet up to network further so we decided to do so with the camera rolling!  Check out our great conversation!  

Topics we went over in this quality time we spent include:

  • How door to door selling has created her success

  • Providing “drama free” service in a drama filled world

  • Managing egos in a real estate transaction

  • Being a Dupage Real Producer Featured Broker

  • How your ego will hold you back from a greater success

  • Chicken or egg when it comes to social media

  • Becoming a Mom as a successful broker

  • Commercial vs residential brokerage in Chicago

  • Property management in Dupage County

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