Real Estate Revealed Podcast & Radio Show: Illinois & Chicago Landlord Updates You Must Know

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On our most recent show, we discuss the Illinois Eviction Moratorium extension, the $300 million grant fund for Illinois tenants, and notice of non-renewal new laws in the City of Chicago.

Topics Discussed Include

  • Illinois Eviction Moratorium has been extended until August 22, 2020.  Hear how this affects you if your property falls under the CAREs ACT.

  • On August 10th, 2020 Illinois will open its $300 Million relief fund for tenants behind in rent that were affected by COVID.

  • New ordinance in the City of Chicago - If your tenant has leased your property for over 3 years, you now have to give 120 notice to the tenant if you do not want to renew their lease.  Check out the new rules all Landlords must follow because there is some exemptions for owner occupied buildings.

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