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Real Estate Revealed Podcast & Radio Show - Maintenance Items To Address in Advance Of Chicago Winters

Real Estate Revealed Podcast & Radio Show - Maintenance Items To Address in Advance Of Chicago Winters

On our most recent show, 

Topics Discussed Include:

  • $5,000.00 Illinois Grant still available for Illinois Renters affected by Covid and behind on rent.  The grant gets paid directly to the Landlord and can go towards future rent too.

  • Maintenance of your furnace to include changing filters now and set up for year around changes plus the easy solution of making sure you change out your thermostat batteries.

  • Cleaning of your gutters and downspouts once all of your trees have lost their leaves for the season.

  • Being sure to route the water coming out of your gutters away from your foundation where it can find its way into your basement.

  • Winterizing water spigots and the option of replacing them with newer spigots that will prevent frozen pipes 

YouTube Videos:

Tune in each Sunday, or download the Podcast, for the most up to date information on the hottest topics happening now.  Any real estate that is owned is truly your greatest asset, so stay tuned to us to keep up to date on how you can manage and grow your investment.

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