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Real Estate Revealed - 3 Reason Why Now Is A Great Time to Buy an Investment Property

Real Estate Revealed - 3 Reason Why Now Is A Great Time to Buy an Investment Property

For those of you that desire to become a real estate investor here in Chicago I wanted to share with you the reasons why there is no better time than now. On today’s show we discussed the reasons why it now makes sense to invest in real estate, along with supporting evidence from the other show’s co-hosts.  

Today, we will dive into each of the 3 reasons and leave you with next steps on who to contact to start this journey:

  1. Opportunity with inventory and pricing is available

  2. Interest rates are low and cost to borrow is low

  3. Start today vs tomorrow to build your nest egg

The interesting fact that came out of this discussion was you may already own your first investment property here in Chicago and that might just be the property you are living in now. Consider moving your personal residence somewhere else local or afar and holding onto this property for years to come as an investment property.

Use the links below to download the full radio show this week and continue to download each week as the group continues to bring real up to date information on the Chicago real estate market.  

Show Links:

If you want to learn more about turning your current home into an investment property and what that transition looks like reach out today and we can discuss the 5 steps to turning your current home into an investment property. 

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