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Managing Hundreds of Tenants & Getting Uncle Sam to Pay the Rent with Mark Ainley

Mark Ainley was recently featured on this Bigger Pockets podcast with the founder of Josh Dorkin and Brandon Turner. Mark was very excited to be a part of the show. He has been a long time listener of the Bigger Pockets podcast and is also a contributor to their blog. Mark gets to dive in deep to a variety of issues check it out.

According to the website, “Mark Ainley brings a fresh perspective on how to successfully invest in lower-income rentals and goes deep into the details of everything you’d need to know, covering acquisition to rehab to management, straight out of of his experience investing in the notorious South Side Chicago area.”

In this BiggerPockets podcast with Josh Dorkin, Mark discusses tips about managing tenants.

Key Points for Managing Tenants

  • How to build a real estate company from your mom’s basement.
  • “Cash-for-keys” – an alternative to eviction
  • Warning: How to lose money by betting on appreciation
  • How to handle late Section 8 tenants when they only owe $15
  • How Brandon got a broke tweaker out of his property
  • Advice for newbies who are thinking about getting started in lower income areas
  • How to find flexible non-profit portfolio lenders
  • The full-gambit of investing in Section 8 housing
  • Major red flags to look for in tenant screening
  • How to do deals via text message
  • and much, much more!