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Landscaping for a Rental Property: Beautiful Low-Maintenance Solutions

You've saved and looked and now you own a great rental property to strengthen your financial portfolio. The house is clean, the appliances are in, and you're ready to start on the landscape. 

Before you spend thousands of dollars on a brand-new landscape, remember that landscaping for a rental property isn't the same as for your own home. Your tenants aren't the gardeners. It's okay to expect them to mow the lawn and water the plants but most tenants won't do more than that. 

You need attractive, low-maintenance solutions for your rental house. 

Are you wondering about rental house landscaping? Keep reading for some beautiful low-maintenance solutions for your Chicago rental property. 

Grass or No Grass?

Most people love a lush green lawn, but grass requires a lot of upkeep. Grass accounts for half of residential outdoor water use and much of that water goes to waste in wind, runoff, and evaporation. Like many areas, Chicago experiences drought so a grass alternative is a great option for a rental.  

Some grass alternatives look great, don't use much water, and don't need regular upkeep. Turn to xeriscape - drought-resistant plants. These include ornamental grasses and succulents. 

If you do decide to use grass, pick no-mow or low-water grass seeds. You'll still need some maintenance but it's easy to outsource, along with your other property needs.   

Artificial grass has come a long way and it's a great option for small spaces. It never needs weeding, watering, fertilizing, or mowing, and it lasts as long as 20 years. 

Choose Local Greenery

Look for greenery that's native to the Chicago area. This way, the plants thrive in their environment without a lot of fertilizing, watering, and other care. 

Check with the local nursery for ideas or do an internet search for native plants. 

Create Extra Living Space

Rental property curb appeal is important and having extra outdoor living space also attracts tenants. Use hardscape and native plants to create inviting outdoor seating and recreational areas.  

Instead of a lawn in the back, put a deck or concrete pad with a plant-draped pergola for shade. This provides an easy-maintenance but livable area that tenants will love. 

Rock On!

Decorative boulders, rocks, and pea gravel look great, are easy to maintain, and don't need watering. They're also sturdy landscaping - long-lasting and durable in any weather. 

Even if you're not a pro, it's hard to make rock landscaping look bad. Place a few large boulders where they look good and intersperse with pea gravel, river rock, and other decorative rocks. 

Plant drought-resistant succulents and grasses around the rocks for color for a low-maintenance landscaping win. 

Low-Maintenance Landscaping for a Rental Property

Make your property shine with the right landscaping for a rental property. Low-maintenance, high curb appeal is the way to go. Create an attractive, easy-care living space and you'll never have trouble finding great tenants. 

Are you ready to rent out your property but you're not sure where to start or how to make sure you've got great tenants?

Let the experienced people at GC Realty & Development, LLC give you a hand. Our comprehensive services include tenant screening, home maintenance, and much more. Give us a call today!