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Landlords Are Getting Screwed By Insurance Companies

Landlords Are Getting Screwed By Insurance Companies

If you ever have had to file a claim on your rental property then you know it feels like no one is on your side.  If you need to file a significant insurance claim on your rental property (>$30k) it feels even more lonely? Flooding and fires are the most common claims of this size. Even a small size fire can cause massive damage when you consider water damage from putting it out.

A public adjuster (aka someone who represents landlords during insurance claims) can maximize payouts and streamline the process for you. While you’ll usually pay a percentage of the claim for their services, a public adjuster could help you recover thousands of dollars (or even tens of thousands on a total loss) more for damage on your rental property. Plus, they take all the time and annoyance of haggling with insurance companies off your plate. 

Side tip: Find a public adjuster you like BEFORE you have a problem because you need to act fast when there’s a problem. 

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