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Investing in Dupage County

Hi, my name is Mark Ainley from GC Realty and Development. We are a property management company located Roselle, Illinois.  Now, Roselle is in Dupage County, which if you're familiar with the Chicagoland area, it's made up of six counties, DuPage County kind of falls in the middle consists of mostly the western suburbs, far west and near western suburbs. Now, a lot people always ask me, where's a good place to invest in DuPage County? 

Now, I often respond with a general answer. There's no wrong answer when it comes to that. If you buy right, there's no wrong answer when you buy into Dupage County. And really, the meaning when I say that is DuPage County is one of the top counties in the country. It ranks high amongst median income as far as it ranks high as far as there's two cities inside DuPage County that rank in the top 100 places to to live across the entire United States. It has an average of very low unemployment. So you have a lot of great, great things going on here.  

So no matter where you buy, it's really tough to not have a good investment. Now, buying, right is a different video that will do that you'll see you could click on. But if you buy right and you follow the advice of your realtor or your property manager or research. Now, there's some really there's some better areas in DuPage County that you can invest in that I always like to share with people. And we'll follow up on that on a different video as well, too. So but as far as investing in DuPage County, it's a solid investment. Know how to buy right and their great long term homes. My name is Mark Ainley from GC Realty and Development. Everyone, I talk more specifically I DuPage County or certain areas I'm around any time. Thank you.  

If you have any questions about your vacant property in Chicagoland, please contact us at: 

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