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How We Leased 324 Units in 2023 with ZERO eviction filings

2023 was a banner year for our Property Management team at GC Realty & Development.  Underwriting 2194 applications and leasing 324 units we can say we had ZERO eviction filings on any of the 680 tenants approved.  We are taking this opportunity to celebrate where it is fresh for us to reflect and share what we did right.  

We started in 2022 by making sure our screening criteria ensure that only the most qualified tenants pass through our rigorous evaluation, in compliance with Chicago laws and regulations. We are fortunate enough to have been in business for 20 years and have a quality data set of 10 years that we can draw on to strategically identify and mitigate potential risks in the process.

Check out our step-by-step process in our resource below.  If you are a Chicagoland landlord leasing yourself or looking to hire a Property Manager like GC Realty & Development then you must check this out:

There is a lot of risk in renting out your condo, townhome, single family, flat, or apartment and even more red tape if you are in Chicago or Suburban Cook County so control your risk and download this step-by-step now.