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Chicago Mansion Tax: What Property Owners Need to Know

The Chicago Mansion Tax, officially known as the Real Property Transfer Tax, is a tax that applies to the transfer of high-value real estate properties within the city of Chicago. This tax is specifically targeted at properties with a sale price or fair market value above a certain threshold, often referred to as "mansion properties."

The tax is calculated based on the sale price or fair market value of the property at the time of transfer, imposing an additional tax rate for high-value properties. Property managers should be aware of the tax thresholds and rates to provide guidance to clients and ensure compliance with local tax laws.

Staying informed about the Chicago Mansion Tax allows property managers to advise property owners on potential tax implications when considering the sale or transfer of high-value properties. Property managers must communicate the details of the tax to tenants and potential buyers, fostering transparency and trust.

As tax laws and regulations are subject to change, property managers should stay updated on any revisions to the Chicago Mansion Tax to effectively support property owners and tenants in navigating real estate transactions within the city of Chicago.

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