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Are you or is your Property Manager using Zillow to market your vacant properties?

Mark Ainley, GC Realty and Development we are a Chicagoland property management company. 

One thing I want to bring up today in making sure that you are informed as a property owner that's either working with the property manager now or looking to work with the property manager in the future.


Marketing, obviously when you put your property on the market to rent you want to get a qualified tenant as fast as possible. You know, a lot of the advertising that goes out there now you know, we're fortunate enough to not have to do classified ads anymore in the newspaper. So a lot of, if not all of the marketing ends up going online to places like or Zillow or Trulia or the MLS. 

But one thing I'll make you informed of is as of February 1st, Zillow started to charge all property managers and realtors additional fees per day to market their listings on Zillow. 

Are you using Zillow?

And Zillow expands to Trulia and a couple other websites that are in the Zillow Network. Now, what that means for you is you either as a self-managing landlord or your property manager that you have has to make sure that they're marketing are there as well, too. Even though there is additional fee, if they're not, you're losing market share. I know for us we are about 30 percent of our traffic comes through Zillow is three main website. So when this change kicked in place February 1st, we knew we had no choice but to make sure that we are paying to play I guess. It's good phrase for being here in Chicago. But so what I want to just make sure that you leave here with is that wherever you're marketing, whoever you market with, that you guys are utilizing Zillow as a platform in addition to all the other ways that you might be marketing. 

  • Because Zillow does charge now and there are a lot of property managers out there that said we don't need Zillow and you as the owner are going to feel the additional time as far as vacancy goes. 
  • You might not be putting your property out there to the full scope of qualified candidates that are out there. 
  • Talk more about marketing as one of the things I really like to do. 

I hate vacant houses, so I really enjoy finding the best ways to market properties to get them filled as possible reach out any time. Mark Ainley from GC Realty and Development. Have a good day.

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