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5 Home Improvement Marketing Tips for Sellers

5 Home Improvement Marketing Tips for Sellers

During the homebuying process, the first step over 40% of buyers complete is to check for properties online. Without a strong marketing strategy, buyers won't show any interest in your property. A few minor home improvements, however, can help you stand out when selling a house.

Here are five home improvement marketing tips to use to attract potential buyers. With these home marketing ideas, you can help buyers fall in love with your home.

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1. A Fresh Coat

Before marketing your home, walk through every room to spot potential problems. Prospective buyers will make note of even the smallest issues before deciding to make an offer. For example, they might notice your walls are chipped or look discolored.

One of the easiest home improvements you can make is painting your walls. Choose a neutral shade, such as:

  • White
  • Gray
  • Light blue
  • Charcoal
  • Beige

Choose a color that suits your home decor. Avoid trendy options, like wallpaper (which can go out of style).

2. A New Door

One of the first things potential buyers will see is your front door. A bright front door can draw their attention to your listing. Consider a memorable, vibrant color like red or yellow.

If you don't want to paint the front door, consider updating your old screen door with a glass option.

3. Bathroom Remodeling

Look at other homes for sale to determine what upgrades they've made. For example, you might notice stunning bathroom upgrades.

If you want to make minor upgrades, consider:

  • Replacing the vanity
  • Changing the showerhead
  • Replacing the faucet
  • Re-caulking the tub

For bigger changes, consider refinishing or replacing the tub. You can also install new floor or wall tiles.

4. Declutter

Decluttering can help potential buyers imagine themselves in your home. It's an inexpensive, impactful way to speed up the sales process.

Remove personal items to help your home appear roomier. Place them in a storage unit (not the garage!).

Don't take pictures before decluttering and cleaning.

5. Curb Appeal

Most realtors (99%) claim curb appeal can help your home fetch a higher price on the market. It could add anywhere from 7% to 14% to your sale price.

Meanwhile, 87% of homebuyers rely on photos while house hunting. Updating your curb appeal will help you make a strong first impression. You only have one-tenth of a second to impress potential buyers.

A well-kept lawn will help you take stunning photos of your home's exterior.

Use foliage to spark a seasonal appeal. Add flowers around your home for a bright pop of color. Consider hiring a professional landscaping company for help.

Curb appeal can help improve your home's value while ensuring you attract buyers to your listing. Don't forget to invest in professional photography services. A professional can capture your home in the best light.

Improve Your Home Improvement Marketing

A strong home improvement marketing strategy can help your listing stand out online. Use these home improvement tips to attract buyers. These upgrades will make selling a house faster and easier!

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