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Straight Up Chicago Investor Podcast Episode 265: An In-Depth Inspection Of Chicago Buildings With George Meegan And Dean Cushing

Straight Up Chicago Investor Podcast Episode 265: An In-Depth Inspection Of Chicago Buildings With George Meegan And Dean Cushing

Welcome back, fellow investors! Today, we're diving deep into the world of building systems and inspections with two seasoned experts, Dean Cushing and George Meegan. In this episode of Straight Up Chicago Investor, they share their wealth of experience gleaned over several decades in the industry.

A Journey into Inspections

Dean and George kick off the discussion by taking us on a journey through their beginnings in the inspection industry. Their anecdotes about navigating the intricacies of property inspections offer a glimpse into the challenges and triumphs they've encountered over the years. From eerie crawl spaces to leaky roofs, they've seen it all!

Unveiling Common Issues

The conversation quickly shifts to the nitty-gritty of building systems, as Dean and George shed light on common issues that plague property owners. Plumbing woes, heating/cooling mishaps, roof leaks, and window woes are just a few of the hurdles they've encountered. Their insights underscore the importance of proactive maintenance and thorough inspections to mitigate potential risks and ensure longevity.

Leveraging Professional Assessments

One key takeaway from the episode is the significance of leveraging property assessments from seasoned professionals. Dean and George emphasize that inspections aren't just a one-time affair during the purchase process; they're an ongoing necessity throughout the ownership journey. By tapping into the expertise of professionals, property owners can identify potential pitfalls and address them before they escalate into costly repairs.

Tips and Tricks for Property Owners

Throughout the episode, Dean and George generously share invaluable tips and tricks for property owners. Whether it's conducting regular maintenance checks, investing in quality building materials, or staying informed about industry trends, their guidance serves as a compass for navigating the complex landscape of property ownership.


As the episode draws to a close, it's evident that Dean Cushing and George Meegan's combined expertise offers a treasure trove of insights for investors and property owners alike. Their candid discussions about building systems and inspections serve as a reminder of the importance of diligence and foresight in the world of real estate investment.

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Questions We Answer In this Show:

Q. How an Unchecked Boiler Costed Him $38,000!

A. Video

Q. Fill Holes In Hardwood Floors To Keep Pests Out Of Your Investment Properties

A. Video

Q. Common Roofing Mistakes to Avoid!

A. Video

Show Notes:

  • 02:41 Housing Provider Tip: Remove unused cables attached to exterior walls to prevent future issues!

  • 03:42 Intro to our guest, George and Dean!

  • 08:34 Inspection Horror Stories

  • 10:19 Common inspection issues on roofs.

  • 14:52 Inspecting plumbing systems.

  • 19:38 Assessing windows.

  • 21:31 Heating and Cooling Systems.

  • 40:38 What to look for in masonry and lintels?

  • 46:32 Understanding catch basins.

  • 48:40 Property condition assessments.

  • 56:17 What is George’s and Dean’s competitive advantage?

  • 57:36 One piece of advice for new investors.

  • 58:21 What do you do for fun?

  • 58:58 Good book, podcast, or self development activity that you would recommend?

  • 59:43 Local Network Recommendation?

  • 60:05 How can the listeners learn more about you and provide value to you?

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