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Straight Up Chicago Investor Podcast Episode 246: How To Get Reimbursed For Damages From Recent Chicago Flooding

Straight Up Chicago Investor Podcast Episode 246: How To Get Reimbursed For Damages From Recent Chicago Flooding

In a recent episode of the Straight Up Chicago Investor Podcast, guest Jason Wagner shares his firsthand experience and insights on how to secure reimbursement for damages caused by the recent flooding in Chicago. Wagner's practical advice and personal anecdotes shed light on the process of seeking assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and navigating the aftermath of the disaster.

Jason Wagner recounts his encounter with the FEMA reimbursement process, wherein he successfully secured approximately 85% reimbursement for flood damages totaling $2,400. The damages included the replacement of a water heater and the repair of a furnace, crucial components affected by the flooding. Importantly, Jason highlights the accessibility and efficiency of the FEMA application process, which took only 10-15 minutes through

A key takeaway from Jason’s discussion is the inclusive nature of FEMA assistance. He emphasizes that homeowners, regardless of property size or extent of flood impact, are encouraged to apply for FEMA assistance. This underscores FEMA's commitment to providing support and relief to all individuals affected by natural disasters, fostering a sense of community resilience in the face of adversity.

While FEMA assistance covers a significant portion of flood-related expenses, Jason also touches upon the potential for additional recovery options. He mentions that costs not covered by FEMA may be eligible for loans from the Small Business Administration (SBA), offering homeowners an alternative avenue for financial assistance and recovery.

Jason reminds listeners that the deadline to apply for FEMA assistance, at the time of recording, was October 16th. He encourages homeowners to act promptly and take advantage of available resources to mitigate the impact of the flooding on their properties and finances. The episode concludes with a mention of the Straight Up Chicago website and the 75 Hard program—a transformative initiative designed to foster personal and professional growth over 75 days.

In conclusion, the podcast episode serves as a valuable resource for homeowners grappling with the aftermath of the Chicago flooding, providing practical guidance and insights into accessing FEMA assistance and exploring additional recovery options. By leveraging available resources and community support, affected individuals can navigate the challenges posed by natural disasters and emerge resilient in their pursuit of recovery and restoration.

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Guests: Jason Wagner, Greystone Realty


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