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Straight Up Chicago Investor Podcast Episode 219: The Focus Of Chicago's NBOA In 2023 And Why Housing Providers Should Take Notice

Straight Up Chicago Investor Podcast Episode 219: The Focus Of Chicago's NBOA In 2023 And Why Housing Providers Should Take Notice

Welcome back to another Tuesday tip from the Straight Up Chicago Investor podcast! In this episode, we had the pleasure of hosting Michael Glasser, the president of the Multi-Family Building Owners and Managers Association (NBOA). Join us as we delve into the NBOA's purpose, current focus, and their efforts to advocate for housing providers in Chicago's neighborhoods.

The NBOA's Mission and Growth At the start of the podcast, we learn about the NBOA's inception and their dedication to representing multi-family housing providers in Chicago. With a focus on issues such as rent control, eviction processes, and the eviction moratorium, the NBOA has become a prominent voice in the industry. Boasting nine affiliates, including an ethnically based group, the organization has built strong relationships with elected officials and actively engages in lobbying efforts with industry partners. Notably, the NBOA is working on an image transformation by adopting the term "housing provider" instead of "landlord."

Ensuring Housing Providers' Perspectives are Heard In this segment, our speaker emphasizes the importance of including housing providers, especially those from diverse backgrounds, in policy discussions. They highlight that housing providers are significantly impacted by policy decisions and should have a seat at the table alongside elected officials. With representation of hundreds of thousands of units and thousands of buildings, the NBOA aims to expand its reach to cover more areas in Cook County and encourages the formation of new groups in underserved regions. Their ultimate goal is to connect with elected officials and advocate for the needs of housing providers.

Educating Officials and Industry Professionals The podcast hosts discuss the significance of educating progressive aldermen and new officials about the potential unintended consequences of proposed ordinances. They stress the need for industry professionals to engage with and educate these officials, particularly regarding zoning processes. Additionally, they encourage individuals with small properties to get involved in industry groups, as they provide networking, learning, and advocacy opportunities. Attending industry events, such as the upcoming Summer Soiree, is highlighted as a way to support the industry and generate revenue for the organization.

Chicago NBOA Event and Giveaway In the final segment, the hosts announce an exciting event hosted by the Chicago NBOA in 2023 and a chance to win a $50 gift card. They share that the NBOA was formed in 2003 following the porch collapse event in Lincoln Park and express their enthusiasm for the upcoming 20th-anniversary celebration. They encourage listeners, including Debbie Downer, who ordered a t-shirt, to attend the event and enjoy themselves. The hosts express gratitude to their loyal listeners and provide information on where to find additional resources and information about the NBOA.

The NBOA's dedication to advocating for housing providers in Chicago's neighborhoods is commendable. By actively engaging with elected officials, educating industry professionals, and expanding their reach, they are making a significant impact. We hope this Tuesday tip has shed light on the importance of supporting organizations like the NBOA and the Chicago NBOA, as they work tirelessly to ensure the voices of housing providers are heard. Stay tuned for more insightful episodes from the Straight Up Chicago Investor podcast!

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