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Straight Up Chicago Investor Podcast Episode 193: The 2023 Guide to The Chicago Eviction Process with Jessica Ryan

Jessica Ryan, Head of KSN’s Landlord/Tenant Department, joins us to educate Chicago Landlords on the eviction process and best practices!

Jessica begins by explaining the first step in the process; properly serving a 5-day notice. She talks about utilizing process servers for notices and summarizes the filing fees associated with an eviction. Jessica then gives a detailed breakdown of the phases of an eviction including time frames that can be expected. It’s never fun to have to go through this, but in the event you have to evict a tenant in Chicago, this show will be a tremendous resource to help you minimize your headaches and costs!

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Questions We Answer In this Show:

Q. Everything you must know about evictions in Chicago 2023

Q. Is a 5 day notice business or calendar days in Chicago?

Q. Possession Judgments Vs Money Judgments in Cook County

Q.Who can receive a 5 day notice in Cook County?

Show Notes:

  • 01:14 Housing Provider Tip: Safety precautions to take when encountering squatters in vacant properties! 
  • 07:10 Intro to our guest, Jessica Ryan! 
  • 09:03 What are the best practices for serving notices to non-paying tenants?
  • 11:07 Jessica explains a 5-day notice!
  • 21:59 What are Jessica’s thoughts on utilizing process servers for notices?
  • 24:38 What happens after the 5-day notice?
  • 28:38 Jessica summarizes the filing fees for an eviction.
  • 33:04 Jessica breaks down the phases of the eviction process!
  •  48:29 What's the difference between possession and judgment?
  • 52:00 What’s the approximate time frame from placing an eviction order to when the sheriff shows up?
  • 54:04 How should landlords handle tenants during the eviction process?

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