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Tenant Resources During COVID -19

FAQ Regarding COVID-19

Q. Am I still allowed to Move?
A. Yes but communicate with your Property Manager on your plan to move or extend your current lease.  Typically GCR&D doesn't allow short term lease extensions but during this environment we will work with all residents on this topic.

Q. What if my lease is expiring at the end of this month?
A.  You do have the right and ability to move but you can also extend your existing lease term with no rental increase or penalty with proper notice to your property manager.

Q.  What if I have an issue with my apartment like something breaks or if I need an urgent repair?
A. Our maintenance team is still working around the clock to make sure properties are safe but only essential work orders will be completed at this time.   

Q. What are the best resources of updates regarding the COVID-19?
A. The best source of information for updates are the following organizations.

Q. What do I need to do if I can't pay my rent?
A. The most important thing to do in this time is to communicate with us.  Property managers can do everything they can in this time to help residents, but a lack of communication from a Resident makes it more difficult for Property Managers to provide help.  The best way to get in touch with us is to email or call 630-587-7400 and request to speak with your property manager.

Q. What is GC Realty & Development doing to help Residents during this time?
A. As always we are working with Residents in any way we can but on a case by case scenario.  We are available anytime to discuss a Resident issue or question by emailing or call 630-587-7400 and request to speak with your property manager.

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