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GCR&D Eviction Process Must Knows

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Process Serve 5 Day Notice - This happens when the Resident has debt of over $1000 and 31 days past due(not including late fees). 

  • Process Server will take 7-10 days from when we submit to them and will cost $75-$95.  
  • Once the process server successfully delivers, we will attempt to collect with threats of filing for eviction at 5 day expiration (see min payments allowed during this period below).
  • 5 days (this is calendar days and not business days) pass and if minimum required payments are not made the file is sent to our attorney to file for eviction. (Our attorney specializes in evictions in your county) Attorney fees to file and appear once will be in the range of $800.00 to $2100.00 depending on the county.  Filing Fees are noted below by county.

Once the 5 day Expires - Eviction is filed, the first court date will be 21-60 days out depending on the county.  Cook County does take longer to get to the first court date.

  • Sheriff Serving Eviction Lawsuit - Once filed, the County Sheriff is set in place to serve the resident with notice of the first court date. Cook County does take longer to get to the sheriff to serve the residents.
    • If the court date arrives and the resident was served by the sheriff then court will go on but if the court date arrives and the resident was not served the first court date will be used to ask for an extension and the right to use a special process server.  Second court date is pushed out typically another 30 days
    • Residents will get served for the second court date. Residents will either ask for an extension or if they don’t show, an order for possession can be placed.  Please note if a resident does not show up for court, they have 30 days to go to the county and call it back to court.  This is a well known hack by residents that understand the system

Days Waiting For Court - Along the way if the resident reaches out with payment or some sort of rent relief money we connect them with the attorney to work their payment into some sort of court ordered payment plan or collection agreement

Day In Court - Conclusion of the court case will end in one of the following solutions:

  • Court Ordered Payment Plan - Residents will be ordered by the judge to make monthly rent on time on the 1st of the month and then a payment plan payment on the 15th of the month.
  • Order of possession granted - This sounds good but we are only half way there.  This order by the judge gives the resident typically 7-14 days to leave.  IF the resident does not leave then the attorney will send the possession order to the sheriff to get in line for the actual day of the eviction.

Waiting on the sheriff - Depending on the county this can take 4-12 weeks with Cook County being the longest.  The sheriff will call us the day before and we will meet the sheriff at the home to allow access, clear out the residents, and change the locks.  Residents can then be arrested if they try to go back in.

Belongings Left Behind - If resident gets physically removed by the sheriff the resident then will have to give GCR&D permission to remove the items to the trash or coordinate movers with GCR&D to allow access within the next 7 days. There is no more putting items to the curb and if the resident has to get their stuff, reasonable accommodations will need to be made to have someone from GCR&D escort them over to remove their items.  This is an additional cost to you as the owner for escorting the previous resident at $50.00 per hour.  (Keep in mind there is a cost to remove items you will have to eat so the more they get out the less trash out cost you have)

Filing Fees - Additional fees may apply with multiple occupants (subject to change but accurate as of 6/7/22)

  • $391.00 Cook County
  • $307.00 Dupage County
  • $325.00 Kane County
  • $325.00 WIll County
  • $272.00 Mchenry County
  • $294.00 Lake County